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8 Reasons why a HUG should be on your To-Do list

Posted by Kassi Womeldorf on 8/29/16 12:12 AM


We’re all busy.  We are overscheduled, overwhelmed, overworked and overstimulated.   Why do we want to add yet another item to our already extensive to-do lists?

1. HUGS lower blood pressure.  While that stat may be a little skewed (it was referring to an ACTUAL hug as opposed to a HubSpot User Group), attending a HUG can help you learn more about the platform.  That makes you more comfortable using it.  Comfort must lower your blood pressure.  Right?

2. Education.  You’ve heard the politicians.  Education is a hot button issue these days.  You might as well learn something.

3. Connection.  Sometimes it helps to meet others who are encountering the same challenges you are.

4. Camaraderie.  It also helps to talk with people who speak the same language as you.  “My lead conversions are a) through the roof! b) going slow c) non-existent…help!”

5. Food and drink.  Just sayin’.

6. It’s almost review time.  So, instead of telling your boss, “Hey, I hung out with the guys/girls last night and watched football/TheVoice/fish swim,” you can NOW say, “Last evening, I attended a fabulous HubSpot User Group and learned all about the new CRM solution HubSpot is implementing. “  Sounds more impressive, doesn’t it?  Cha-ching.

7. You might meet someone famous.  Or you could meet a bunch of people who may or may not be famous.

8. Otherwise, you’ll just sit on the couch and eat chips.  OK, maybe that’s just me. 


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